why vote for me?

Thank you for taking a moment to learn more about my election for Judge of the 184th District Court.

Elected as Judge of the 337th Criminal District Court in 2012, I have served in the criminal justice system for the past 25 years. In November, 2016, I, along with every other Republican elected official on the ballot, was swept out of office in Harris County. I am seeking to continue my work as Judge in 2018, on the 184th District Court, a criminal court bench vacated upon the retirement of the current republican Judge.

I bring strong conservative principles and many years of experience to the bench. I am asking for your support again in 2018.

Please take a moment to review my biography and to sign my Endorsement page.  Also, friend me on Facebook. I am keeping an active log from the campaign trail on my Facebook page and will post important campaign announcements there.

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